Delicious Diseases

October 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Chocolate Victorian Pharmacy by Cake for Breakfast

Sores. Pus. Faeces. Are there three less appetizing words in the English language? However it turns out that bodily functions can, in fact, be absolutely delicious, as Eat Your Heart out – a bake sale with a difference – proved this weekend. The event saw many expert cake crafters and mixologists come together to sell sweet treats of the anatomical variety. Syphilitic cupcakes, internal organ macaroons and chocolate skulls – this was more Mary Shelley than Mary Berry. This year’s Eat Your Heart Out was a much bigger affair than its first incarnation back in 2010 and the Pathology Museum at St Bart’s Hospital was a deliciously macabre choice of venue – there’s something strangely enjoyable about perusing various pickled Victorian body parts while bopping along to Elvis and sipping on a urine sample cocktail.

There were plenty of educational talks throughout the weekend too, which highlighted many of the themes which inspired the bakers. I caught a particularly interesting talk from an assistant pathology technician, Zoe Rutherford, who gleefully explained about eviscerating organs and reconstructing smashed skills, along with many other informative facts about working in an NHS morgue. 

After purchasing a faecal sample, which was actually a very tasty chocolate and almond fudge, I made my way home, being careful to conceal its alarmingly realistic appearance from my fellow train passengers…


Nothing like a cup of tea and a shit…

Check out more photos and find out about the evil genius behind Eat Your Heart Out, Miss Cakehead, at this website.


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